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Happy Birthday, Charles Reznikoff

Happy Birthday, Charles Reznikoff

The Allen Ginsberg Project has thoughtfully posted a recording of a reading in honour of American Objectivist poet Charles Reznikoff, the promise and possibilities of whose work are, happily, increasingly appreciated, from yesterday’s late Beats to today’s Conceptualists and more direct descendants, such as Michael Heller (whose volume of collected poems This Constellation is a Name was published just last year). The Objectivists’ fame has reached even to Russia:  Kirill Medvedev (a very compelling figure in his own right) reflects on their legacy in his poem “The End of the Ceasefire (The End of the Objectivist School?)”. Perhaps with the excesses of Capital and America’s warmongering Reznikoff’s executors will feel the time is ripe to reissue Reznikoff’s cold-eyed, unrelenting castigation of exploitation and racism, Testimony.

(My difference of opinion with certain latter-day receptions of Reznikoff’s work can be found here).

“Apart Twelve Weeks, Together in Three” / «Séparés douze semaines, ensemble dans trois»

“Apart Twelve Weeks, Together in Three” / «Séparés douze semaines, ensemble dans trois»

Antoine Malette does me a great favour, translating a poem from Ladonian Magnitudes into French, and even sounding it out. Un grand merci!

Three poems in German translation

Three poems in German translation has kindly published three poems from Grand Gnostic Central  in careful, meticulous German translation by Petra Sentes, with the English-language originals.

More Slobodzian en français

Antoine Mallette produces another excellent French-language translation of a poem by George Slobodzian deserving of greater dissemination, in any language. Read it here:  Excursion à Woodlawn (Woodlawn Excursion) – George Slobodzian @ . :: Antoine :: ..

“Swallowed Repulsion”: Johan Jönson’s Soiled Conceptualism – Montevidayo

“Why in all this discussion about Conceptualism has there been no mention of this incredibly famous [Swedish] poet?”

“Swallowed Repulsion”: Johan Jönson’s Soiled Conceptualism – Montevidayo.

We have to talk: Poetry on the Brink at Boston Review

This forum now on-line at Boston Review, though a little overwhelming with its nineteen participants, is exemplary of just what we could use more of, the more varied the participants, the better! Poetry on the Brink | Boston Review.