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Coming (back) to Jakarta

This week, files concerning US involvement in the massacres following the anti-communist coup in Indonesia led by General Mohammed Suharto in 1965 were declassified. Their reception illuminates both that dark time and continuing efforts of the US establishment to mitigate that involvement.

A by turns harrowing and clear-eyed poetic probing of this time is Peter Dale Scott‘s Coming_To_Jakarta_300_444Coming to Jakarta, the first volume in his monumental Seculum trilogy ( which includes Listening to the Candle and Minding the Darkness). If poetry can be “news that stays news”, then maybe a rereading of that first volume, if not the trilogy, is in order.

Happily, Freeman Ng has recorded Scott reading the entirety of Coming to Jakarta, supplemented by Ng’s interviewing Scott after each part concerning that part’s genesis and details.

My appreciation of Scott’s Seculum can be read here.


Peter Dale Scott reads the whole of Coming to Jakarta

Peter Dale Scott reads the whole of Coming to Jakarta

Freeman Ng has done a great service by filming Peter Dale Scott read through and comment on the first volume of Seculum, Coming to Jakarta (1988):  here’s the latest instalment.

Coming to Jakarta: Peter Dale Scott reads and comments on his poem

Freeman Ng has produced a series of videos, wherein Peter Dale Scott reads and comments on the first volume of his monumental trilogy Seculum, Coming to Jakarta.

Access the videos here