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Reznikoff’s Testimony redux

An index of the state of certain suburbs of American poetic culture is Charles Simic’s reading Charles Reznikoff’s monumental work Testimony “for the first time” (!) on the occasion of Black Sparrow’s reissuing it in one volume. However belated, his praise is testimony itself to his acuity and the work’s enduring power.

Black Sparrow is to be lauded for making Reznikoff’s Objectivist epic poem-including-history available again. Order it direct from the publisher by clicking on the cover:


The First Deep State Revolt Against the White House

Peter Dale Scott is a poet of singular accomplishment, engaging the political poetically in, among other works, his magisterial Seculum trilogy. He is, as well, a tireless scholar and perspicacious political and social thinker of the American Left, who as good as coined the terms “deep state” and “deep politics” for the Western mind. Now, in advance of a forthcoming book on politics and poetics, appears his latest investigative analysis of the Kennedy assassination Dallas ’63:  The First Deep State Revolt Against the White House. Click on the cover for more information!



Languages, the wild things they are, have always mixed it up, as the parentage and biography of that mongrel tongue, English, attests. And the literati, too, such as James Joyce or Russell Hoban (among many others) have reimagined and reconfigured the vulgar tongue. Now, to this list, Jonathan C Stalling must be added, with his Sinophonic poetry and poetics of Yíngēlìshī.

Click on the cover of Stalling’s new book for an introduction at Jerome Rothenberg’s inimitable Poetry and Poetics site.

Symposium of the Whole to be reissued!

I’ve often said I have a hard time discussing poetry seriously with anyone unacquainted with Jerome Rothenberg’s groundbreaking assemblage Technicians of the Sacred. Though it is still available, for too long the companion volume of poetics, Symposium of the Whole, has been out of print, and now happy word comes that these two volumes will soon be reissued in updated form.

Read Rothenberg’s original Pre-face and announcement of reissue here.

Symposium of the Whole cover

Symposium of the Whole cover