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Blast from the past: opening night at States of the Art

A reading from the States of the Art conference, Saabrücken, Germany, 23-26 October 2008, remastered and ready for listening under the “Audio” tab…

Hear March End Prill, and other poems, live at Argo Books, 28 March 2012

A recording of a recent reading at Argo Books, Montreal, QC, is now hearable under the “audio” tab.

Hear the Montreal launch of March End Prill

An MP3 of the the Montreal launch of March End Prill is now hearable under the “Audio” tab…

March End Prill Toronto Launch reading

The author, reading from March End Prill, at the BookThug Fall book launch, Toronto, Saturday 26 November 2011. Don’t take the reader’s earnestness too seriously.