Poeta Doctus is a website and blog devoted to my poetic and theoretical work. After time, it may open to other concerns—ecosophical, the more overtly political, economic, sociological, or even mythological—but, for the time being, you will be certain to find much concerning my writing.

1. Bryan Sentes is a proper noun: the patronym a solecism for Hungarian Szentes, from Latin sanctus, sacred or holy; the given name from Welsh Brân, raven or crow. Googled, “bryan sentes” can return 10,000+ hits, some of which refer to the author of Grand Gnostic Central, Ladonian Magnitudes, and March End Prill, as well as a professor of English at Dawson College.

2. Born (1964) & raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. B.A. University of Regina (philosophy); M.A. Concordia University, Montreal (English lit). Dishwasher, short-order cook, waiter, restaurant night manager; newspaper page-compositor; associate editor Windscript; logic tutor; department-store salesclerk; administrative assistant Grain; proofreader, freelance writer & reviewer; house painter; TESL teacher; creative writing instructor, Concordia University: now, literature and composition teacher, English dept., Dawson College, Montreal; chapbooks: Budapest Suites (1994), Gloze (1995), On the Phantom Air Ship Mystery (1995), Seventh Column (2001), X Ore Assays (2001), Luffere & Ōđere (2003), For a Few Golden Ears (2004), A Crow’n’ o’ Sough Noughts (2004), The Hunger of the Starlings (with artist Juan L. Gomez-Perales), Tanchaz (2005), Symposia Scholia (2006), Melathalassemia (2009), In Canis Major (2009), Blank Song / sangue blanc (2017); trade eds.: Grand Gnostic Central (DC: 1998), Ladonian Magnitudes (DC: 2006), and March End Prill (BookThug:  2011). Readings at various venues, Spoken Word, Experimental, and Institutional, in Canada, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, & United States, performing with Piedro Pietri, Jerome Rothenberg, Raoul Schrott, and Yoko Tawada,among others; & reviewer, translator, scholar (sociology of religion, mythology, & popular culture), radio interviewer (e.g., William Gibson, Douglas Featherling, Martin Amis).

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