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Psychomagically Beyond Appropriation

Psychomagically Beyond Appropriation

Over at the Montevidayo blog, Lucas de Lima calls our attention to the example of Gilvan Samico, an artist whose work links up with certain heretical dimensions of contemporary poetry and poetics. 

Does the imagination have limits?  Are we actually in the time of “uncreative writing”?  In the age of information overload, is appropriation–the resampling of other texts–the last reservoir of our creativity?  Is there really nothing new under the sun to be said or done?

When I look at the engravings of Gilvan Samico, the Brazilian artist who died yesterday at the age of 85, the answer to all these questions turns out to be a resounding no.

Translation & Biocultural diversity

Monica Mody at the Montevidayo blog has posted some thought-provoking remarks and links concerning “ecolinguistic issues in translation studies.” As she writes:  “These are some beginning thoughts about strategies for translation in the midst of ecological crises, shedding of old stories, eco-awakenings.” Surely worth following up!


Learn how to type at ACAD

Iffn ya’ll got an ol’d manual typewriter hangin’ about, here’s a worthy project to retire it to!

derek beaulieu's blog

UnknownACAD Liberal Studies Instructor Derek Beaulieu is planning to teach his students how to type.

Starting in January, every student in Beaulieu’s Creative Writing course will be required to create all of their notes, their assignments and their final projects on portable manual typewriters.

Students will be required to write in class, in coffee houses and on public transit in order to make traditional poetry and prose, but also to use the typewriters to create portraits and music — all in order to explore the artistic possibilities of these sadly neglected machines.

In order to bring these ideas to his students, Beaulieu is seeking the donation of 35 portable, manual typewriters in working condition. 

“Typewriters epitomize the romance of being a writer. Every typewriter harkens back to a golden age: the clack of the keys, the ding of the carriage, the rachetting of the roller. This is an opportunity for students…

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Rhyme: imagine that happening in poetry again

Robert Archambeau at Samizdat blog presents some chewy gists on rhyme served up at a recent mini-conference.

Review of Michael Heller’s collected poems @Jacket2

Review of This Constellation Is a Name @ Jacket2

As Ezra Pound wrote Louis Dudek:  “C/vn not a one man job.” Happily, readers other than my lone self appreciate the writing of Michael Heller, and Eric Hoffman has reviewed Heller’s collected poems, which review is readable at the link!