New poem online: “Exercise: Prospective Verse”

The EcoTheo Review has been kind enough to publish and share a humble poem of mine online, which can be read, here.

Despite our best efforts, a recording of the poem I made wasn’t posted along with the poem; therefore, I share that recording, here:

“Exercise: Prospective Verse”

4 comments so far

  1. Marion Murphy on

    So glad I listened to the recording of your poem Brian made it so much more meaningful to me!!

    • Bryan Sentes on

      Thanks for checking out the recording–some poetry is like that, needing to be heard to be better appreciated.

  2. Anne S. on

    Your wonderful poem inspired me to write a poem… And also, to make some cray-cray picture with Microsoft paint, which I can’t seem to post here. Oh, well… Only the poem, I guess. Happy Holidays!

    Feeding Wild Birds

    Brazen attempt
    upsculpting tumult
    little Chickadees
    breeze in feeding
    hand out towards
    haphhazard morning

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