Help Peter Dale Scott with publishing two new, important books

Freeman Ng has organized a Fundraiser to help cover costs in producing two new books by Peter Dale Scott.

Peter Dale Scott is a poet, political researcher and former Canadian diplomat whose books include The Road to 9/11, The American Deep State, and Seculum, a trilogy of book-length poems — Coming To Jakarta, Listening To The Candle, and Minding The Darkness — that poet and critic John Peck called “one of the essential long poems of the past half century.”

At 93 years of age, Scott is finalizing two new books, to be published through Rowman & Littlefield, that he considers to be the most important he’s yet written. However, he’s facing licensing fees and indexing costs he’s unable to meet on his limited pension. (On top of unexpected medical bills for three recent hospitalizations due to COVID and pneumonia.)

Please help him meet these costs.

The two books are:

  • Ecstatic Pessimist: Czeslaw Milosz, Poet of Catastrophe and Hope, which would be the first recent general analysis of the Nobel Prize-winning Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz intended for English readers, and which Robert Hass, a former U.S. Poet Laureate and Milosz’s principle translator, called “a brilliant and illuminating book on the complex and essential poet.”
  • Enmindment — A History: A Post-Secular Poem in Prose, a book on the role of poetry in cultural evolution.

You can access the GoFundMe site, here.

You can read an appreciation of Scott’s poetry, the first post on this website, here.

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