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What happens when poetry meets the moving image, when poetry goes “intermedia”? Here’s an interview with American Studies and Intermedia scholar Dr Martina Pfeiler on poetry film conducted during the Zebra Poetry Film Festival this October in Berlin. As the interviewer Dave Bonta says:  “The conversation [is] wide-ranging…  covering such topics as how poetry film fits into the larger context of poets’ use of technology, how poetry films may be used in the classroom to introduce students to poetry as a whole, and how the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival has changed (or not changed) over the years.”

Poetry Goes Intermedia: A brief summary of videopoetry | Moving Poems Forum

Montreal’s own Tom Konyves presents A brief summary of videopoetry, concerning a  media-materially logical extension of the Poem!

Scroll down the comments to Konyves’ post to find links to examples of what he’s on about. One example is “Ungleiche Brüder”.

The groundbreaking study of video and intermedia poetry is Dr. Martina Pfeiler’s aptly titled Poetry Goes Intermedia (sadly, presently only available in the German-language original). Her typology, with examples, is summarized (again, in German) here.